How To Clean Your Apartment The Right Way Before Moving Out

The boxes are packed and loaded in the moving truck when you begin to realize that the task is only just beginning; moving has all sorts of steps and reasons to make a person anxious when they are going from one place they call home to another. One unfortunate step for those moving out from their apartment is the cleaning involved.

You work hard for your money. The security deposit when you moved in was quite a chunk of change. Why on earth would you not want to get it back upon move out? Don’t be sluggish about the approach, but instead take these tips for cleaning out your apartment to get the security deposit back in your possession.

Follow the List

It’s essential to have transparency with a landlord for many reasons. Knowing what areas you need to clean and to what detail is the first step to getting that security deposit back. It may seem tedious to approach your landlord on the verge of moving to someplace new and exciting, but the reality of the matter is that they hold the key. Knowing what they expect of the apartment will allow you to achieve the goal of getting that deposit back. One should find parts forgotten on this list:

  • Ceiling Fixtures
  • Windows
  • Doors and Knobs
Check every side and corner of the apartment to know what needs to be repaired or cleaned.

You may be surprised at what you see on the blade of a fan or the windows when you go to clean things you haven’t cleaned in the two years you have lived in the apartment. Everything is expected to be clean throughout every part of the apartment. Consider cleaning in sections to tackle the untouched areas, but don’t do it just yet. First, fix the nicks.

Before the Deep-Clean

You have lived in this apartment. It’s only natural that dents and dings exist. The place might not be as pristine as it was when you first moved in, but don’t let a small hole in the wall ruin your afternoon. Get the putty out and repair the dings and chipped paint. They aren’t difficult things to do and can play a significant role in deciding whether or not you will get that all-important security deposit back.

If you see chipped wood paints that were non-existent before you moved in, make sure to redo them and make it look like the first time you saw it.

The Clean

Once you have gotten a clear idea of what needs to be cleaned from your landlord and taken care of minor repairs, the fun truly begins. Some tips are better than others, but clean from the top of the room and work your way down. Washing the ceiling fixtures first will allow you to clean thoroughly and efficiently. If you start with the floors and work your way up, dust from the ceiling and walls will fall and make you redo the floors. The point is to do a quality job one time, not wasting your energy cleaning in circles.

  • Start with the ceiling
  • Next move on to the walls, windows, shelving, and blinds
  • Finish with the flooring

After the Clean

When you think you’ve done enough and the apartment you are going to leave seems livable again, this is the part where you may now talk to your landlord about getting the security deposit back. After all, whether or not you’re gaining something out of leaving your apartment clean before moving out, keeping your reputation neat can go a long way.

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